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Artist's Reception & Discussion: Daniel Beltrá at Catherine Edelman Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014


Exhibition Dates: March 2 - April 28

Reception with the Artist
Friday, March 2
5:00 - 7:00 pm

Discussion with the Artist
Saturday, March 3

For more than 20 years Daniel Beltrá has been traveling the world recording man's affect on nature. Believing in the ability of photography to provide vantage on unfolding events Beltrá works to offer immediate perspective on man's impact on the planet we call home.

Beltrá's newest series, Spill, documents the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. For two months the photographer worked in his preferred fashion- from the air. The overhead perspective allows real and immediate understanding of the grandeur of nature and the devastation imposed. We see beauty and are horrified by destruction. We feel the tug between control and chaos. All of Beltrá's work has been powerful, memorable, distressing.

Spill as well as earlier projects,Rainforest and Ice, reveals the absolute fragility of nature balanced against man's growing footprint. We feel a particular sense of anger in Rainforest at the shier pillaging of the land and fear in Ice as we contemplate the potential affects of the melting giants. The first two series lift the curtain on growing and often politicized environmental debates, but the new work does have one distinguishing aspect: Spills hows a recovery effort. Spill causes us to shudder at the inability of man to control the havoc he has caused. One could argue this is Beltrá's most significant work to date, as it recontextualizes earlier projects by revealing our ability to mark, to alter, to transform the natural world but not to control our creations or manage their impact.

The work is humbling, the message thought provoking. Through it all the work manages grand elegance, for the world even when sick, polluted, or scorchedisbeautiful. We find a lining of inspiration that we hope will encourage viewers to demand and to make change.

For more information on the work, the artist, and related events please visit Catherine Edelman Gallery

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Artist's Reception: Sam Falls at M+B Gallery

Posted By Administration, Thursday, February 16, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

Exhibition Dates: February 18 - March 31, 2012

Reception with the Artist:
February 18
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Time, its passing, its affect on the seemingly inanimate are all of interest to artist Sam Falls. The artist works to find and to show the life of the inanimate using changing perceptions to accomplish new perspectives. Layers of vantage, reflections on time, and mindfulness of viewing experience establish the foundations of practice and approach of Falls work and are used to prove of the life of a place, an object, a form.

The artist works with a range of media, including photography, painting, and sculpture to produce hybridizations. Some work, particularly the painted photographs, expand our understanding of a space while other more sculptural forms create dialogue by changing state over the course of time and an evolving relationship with the viewer.

If we focus on the painted photographs we find they are invested with layers of place, proof of shift, and averages of real. The work begins with film shots of decaying homes in Joshua Tree, CA. Large colored fabrics are used to line the interior spaces of the abandoned homes with the intent to create an altered yet honest image. Time proves itself as the sun alters the color of the fabric that is then borrowed from to create a paint sample which is later applied to the interior and surrounding space in the final photograph. Color samples are based on averages with the Photoshop color picker tool and Home Depot digital matching process. Both steps of the color generation process yield only a version of real; Falls makes no attempt to hide or mask that a shift has occurred or that this evidence is the only version of truth. The singular aspect of this step of the process is defied when the sample is applied to the print, for the lengthy and elaborate processing actually invites plurality as it realizes there could be an accepted version but there is no single truth. As we step back we realize that each piece projects and mimics reality to produce something that through its layers of process and presentation is closer to real than anything that could be captured in an instant.

For more information on the artist, his work, and related events, please visit M+B Gallery

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Curator Guided Tour: John Bennette at Stephen Kasher Gallery

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

Vivian Maier

February 18, 2012
11:00 am

The recently discovered work of nanny Vivian Maier has gained a foothold in the world of photography. Though never formally trained the eye of Maier was keen, sharp, and observent. The mountain of work she left behind included 3,000 prints and about 100,000 negatives; none of the work was exhibited in her life (Maier passed away in 2009) and much of the work remains undeveloped. What is for sure is that Maier saw herself as an artist and worked quietly for years and developing an oeuvre that is now being appreciated. The work has been well received by critics and collectors.

Join the Stephen Kasher Gallery in a guided tour of Maier's work lead by John Bennette. Bennett is the Art Director for South x Southwest Magazine, a known collector, curator, and lecturer, and curated the first exhibition of Vivian Maier's work in 2011 at the Hearst Tower.

For more information on the tour please contact the Stephen Kasher Gallery

Additional press on Vivian Maier:
The New Yorker

New York Times

WNYC Radio

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Artist's Reception: John Chakeres at John Cleary Gallery

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014


Exhibition Dates: February 18 - March 17, 2012

Reception with the Artist
Saturday, February 18
6:00 - 8:00 pm

The bold, rhythmic prints by John Chakeres reveals the elegance and grit of the world around him. The Ohio native considers himself an image builder and looking at his work it is clear to see why. Chakeres's Structure series studies surface, construction, form, color, texture of the litteral constructed world. Alone each piece works as a study on construction but together the work becomes record, document, litteral brick to the larger vision of the constructed. Samples are well chosen- rough and ragged in Brick Wall; sleek and cool in City Center Wall; soft but strapped in Canvas Wall; weathered and waterlogged in Wooden Wall; hard and monumental in Concrete Wall.

Aided by quality of light, variation of color, movement of form the pieces also transcend material and construction. They become more- abstract visions, records of time, meditations on formal composition. In this light the coldness of the industrial melts away, a painterly quality emerges that softens, soothes, and calms allowing us to enjoy the sheer elegance of the planes.

For more information please visit John Cleary Gallery

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Exhibition & Conversation: Group Show at Verve Gallery

Posted By Administration, Friday, February 10, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

Do Process
A group exhibition showcasing artists using traditional, contemporary and alternative processing

February 24 - April 14

Reception and Conversation with the Artists
Saturday, February 25
12:00 pm

This group show brings the work of eight Verve gallery artists together in an exhibition that highlights the special processing techniques they use. From traditional to contemporary and alternative processes viewers will see a wide range of works in handlings that date from 19th century techniques, including hand-painted Silver prints, Gum Dichromate, Bromoil, Mordancage, Photograpvure, and Albumen prints. Contemporary digital processes and highbred mixed media techniques of Photomontage also included. The history and diversity of the photographic media is as much an element of the show as the artists included. Work on exhibition were all taylor made for the special group show that will also engage the public in discussion; artists will share their secrets, formulas, and technical approach.

Exhibiting artists include Brigitte Carnochan, Cy Decosse, Joy Goldkind, Jennifer Schlesinger, Caitlyn Soldan, Henrieke Strecker, Maggie Taylor, and Kamil Vojnar.

For more information on the exhibition, exhibiting artists, and Artists's Discussion please visit Verve Gallery of Photography

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