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Review: Viktoria Sorochinski at Catherine Edelman Gallery

Posted By Administration, Thursday, January 26, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

Anna & Eve

Exhibition Dates:
January 6 - February 25, 2012

Artists' Reception:
Friday, January 6
5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Gallery talk with the artist:
Saturday, January 7

Sweet and strange, enchanting and curious is the work of Viktoria Srochinski. Anna & Eve possesses qualities reminiscent of mythology, legend, or fairytales. There is something known and something unknown about the work, as if the stories were familiar but not the moment. This sense of familiarity works to spark connections to personal history and memory; we find we can relate to the work in layers.

The Ukrainian born artist now lives in Brooklyn but spent time in Montreal where she met her mother-daughter subjects. Begun in 2005,Anna & Eve has been an ongoing examination of the relationship between mother and child. Roles often shift even reverse. In Shared Truth and Paths the mother is a confidant and watchful matron, in Reflection and Attachment protector, and Enchanting Wisdom doting. In Learning a Lesson the child is bold and powerful, like a cat waiting to pounce. In Temptation the child tries to entice her seemingly detached mother, and Switching Places is just that- a complete role reversal with the daughter seeming sweet and comforting as she looms over her mother's naked frame. The series does well to expose the gamut of realities and relationship shifts. Reversals are balanced by moments of shared exploration, comradery, unity, and at times detachment or disinterest in each other. These sentiments are the root of Sorochinski's work which reveals as much as it questions about who learns from whom, who is "in charge," and where the "essence of being a human" comes from. Like so much in life parenting too is give and take.

NewCity Review

For more on the artist, exhibition, and related events, please visit Catherine Edelman Gallery

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Artist's Reception: Tonto Stano at Pace/MacGill

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

White Shadow

Exhibition Dates: February 2 - March 17, 2012

Artists's Reception:
February 2
5:30 - 7:30 pm

Tonto Stano's exhibition with Pace/MacGill is appropriately named, White Shadow. Stano's work inverts perception in an unusual and curious way- he shoots everything in the negative. Usually only photographers are afforded this perspective on the world, but after dreaming of it Stano was inspired to create a negative world. White portions of his model's bodies are painted black and black white. The entire space is treated with care and precision until a litteral slice of inverted reality is formed. It is then that Stano captures his creation. Negative is turned positive, positive negative; the result is haunting and strange.

Stano studied at FAMU, Prague's School of Film, Photography, and Television and was one of a group of students known as the "Slovak School." The group was known for their use of staging. Stano always worked against the grain and maintained independence from the oppressive system of his youth. He works with a large format 24x30 cm camera that once belonged to Joseph Sudek.

For more information on the exhibition, please visit Pace/MacGill Gallery

Video of Stano at work on YouTube

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Tribute: Jerry Uelsmann at Robert Klein Gallery

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

Exhibition Dates: January 21 - March 3, 2012

The Vintage Jerry Uelsmann exhibition at Robert Klein Gallery is held in honor of and compliment to Uelsmann's exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem. Both exhibitions look at 50 years of work the unmistakable artist. While the museum show brings together a greater number of works, the Gallery exhibition is intimate and special, as the images on exhibition were drawn from the artists' personal collection.

Even today the vintage work strikes us with a seductive intrigue. Space, perception, and scale are toyed with, romance and fantasy are engaged, humor is often cutting. The seamless printing from multiple negatives chalenges even the most advanced digital manipulation, and Uelsmann has remained true to his technique. Each layer of the final frame adds meaning to the image. Though most images on exhibition are by now iconic, the power of the work is its continued ability to ignite and reignite inspiration, demand narrative, and leave room for shifts in the story.

Visit the museum show for an overview and the Gallery for the insider's look at particular favorites.

For more information on the exhibition, please visit Robert Klein Gallery

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Review: Machiel Botman at Gitterman Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

One Tree
Through February 18, 2012

Held in tandem with the release of Machiel Botman's third monograph, the One Tree exhibition draws from work of the past 10 years. Atmospheric and enchanted, romantic and mysterious the frames of Botman are often layered. Through the use of multiple exposure and play with depth of field and focus the final image is elegant and invested. We may wish to find the common thread in the work; it is not lacking, but it is not clear. The frames are individual; what unites them is their sensibility, their allure, and their investigative property. Birds is transportative and liberating; flight seems to carry through space and time. Magda's Shoulder works as a fragmented yet satisfying engagement of portrait and plane. Horse and Church and Wall Nude among others seem to balance real and imagined, fantasy and reality, we can almost touch the apparition.

The self-taught artist is lesser known in the United States than in his home country, the Netherlands. One look at the work and we can see the delicate strength of a master's hand. Though self taught, Botman received hands on training from master printer Philippe Salaün in Paris. Salaün printed for Willy Ronis, Izis and Robert Doisneau among others.

For more information on the exhibition please visit Gitterman Gallery

cityArts Review

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Artists' Reception: Franz Jantzen at Hemphill Fine Arts

Posted By Administration, Saturday, January 14, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014


January 14 - March 10, 2012

Artist's Reception
January 14
6:30 - 8:30 pm

Borrowing from and building on musical terminology, Franz Jantzen plays with form. Ostinato is the repetition of a note in music, or more broadly repetition of a motif or phrase wherein no element is more important than any other. It is the whole, it is the repetition of the whole- the mirroring, examining, and together the synthesis of the whole that is important. Jantzen applies Ostinato to visual language through the eye of the camera.

Taking many, sometimes hundreds, of images from a single point through camera rotation Jantzen's approach is both obsessive and magic. With tributes to cubism frames push, pull, twist, and contort. At times the final image is easily stitched together by the viewer, while in other works we are required to work a little harder and a little longer to reconfigure the deconstruction.

Works like Study No. 45 of a packaged meal, we wonder perhaps if we are on an airplane with clouds floating overhead and a clear cup held in hand, are obsessive and satisfying fragments of space. Product No. 1 of a Campbells Soup box has several layers of humor and reference to art history- from cardboard Cubist constructions to Warhol's famed paintings- yet it stands on its own and delights viewers.

For more information on the exhibition please visit Hemphill Fine Arts

Review in the Washington Post

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