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10 Curators, 10 Artists at Silverstein Annual

Posted By Administration, Saturday, January 14, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

Exhibition Dates: January 14, 2012 - February 25, 2012

Opening Reception
Saturday, January 14th
6:00 - 8:00pm

This annual event shows Bruce Silverstein Gallery's ongoing commitment to brining the best emerging artists to light. With guidance from Nathan Lyons, Curatorial Avisor, 10 noteworthy curators are invited to nominate artists making critical work and deserving of greater exposure. With each curator, whom also claim status through their participation in the event, choosing an artist the show promises memorable results. While it is difficult to name favorites, Edward Robinson, Olga Sviblova, and Timothy Persons brought particularly memorable nominees to the show.

Edward Robinson of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art recommended Raul De la Cruz who's work is simple, stark, and memorable. The surface is skimmed but the portrat style approach to his subject reveals a deeper connection. Images selected for exhibition are from De la Cruz's series "La Casa," and reflect images of the place he once called home.

Olga Sviblova from Moscow's Multimedia Art Museum invited the young Russian artist, Ivan Mikhailov. Idealism is woven into the work of Mikhailov. An honesty and desire for truth is seen and felt. Sviblova notes Mikahailov seeks "a new romantic utopia;" the work in the show does call for that with longing and nostalgia as it looks at aging playgrounds with spaceship forts, towers, and slides. We begin to wonder what the dreams are for the children of our future.

Timothy Persons of the Aalto University School of Art and Design nominated the work of Nelli Palomäki. Palomäki takes interest in portraiture. Silvery whites glow across the figures that are set agains a black so rich and dark that it sinks. The gaze of Palomäki's subjects strikes with an allure that gives equal measure of strength and tenderness. Curious and captivating our eyes lock with theirs and are held.

The international scope of the Silverstein Anual allows us a litteral sneak peak to the horizon of contemporary photography. Be sure not to miss your chance to look around the curve.

For more information on the exhibition please visit Bruce Silverstein Gallery

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Artists' Reception: David Fokos at John Cleary Gallery

Posted By Administration, Friday, January 13, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

Exhibition Dates: January 14 - February 11, 2012

Artists' Reception
January 14
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Experience, impression, and perception for David Fokos are linked and applied to his philosophy and working style. Using long exposures Fokos allows the camera to capture more than image but time, the camera can "average time," as he says. In this space of moments an imprint, not an instant, is made on film. The sea is the perfect example for this phenomenon. For Fokos, the sea is calming, tranquil, meditative. A single frame of the sea's actions would not translate these feelings; a long exposure, however calms, smooths, softens the sense of churning and we are left with an image that has achieved experiential viewing.

Fokos's frames are soft and warm, inviting and romantic. Space is abundant and the horizon calls to us to explore.

For more on the artist and his work please visit

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Exhibition & Discussion: Second City Psychasthenia at Andrea Meislin Gallery

Posted By Administration, Thursday, January 12, 2012
Updated: Monday, January 6, 2014

Exhibition Dates: January 12 – February 18, 2012

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 12
6:00 – 8:00 pm

Conversation with the Artists
January 20
6:00 pm
rsvp requested

Exhibition curator, Daniel Bauer, brings together the work of eight Chicago artists. The group met at a "City Within a City: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago." Bauer is Assistant Professor in the Institutes' Photography Department. Exhibiting artists include Steve Daly, Jose Ferreira, Gwynne Johnson, Susan Morelock, Kristin Nason, Anna Shteynshleyger, Rob Swainston and Learning Ross.

The exhibition comes invested with questions of place and time that parallel the Art Institute's mission of exploration: ". . . they will teach us that Eternity is the standing still of the present time, anunc stans(as the schools call it); which neither they, nor any else understand, no more than they would ahic stansfor an infinite greatness of Place."

Sentiments of loss, longing, and preservation; desire for monument; and identification of the self and other emerge through the work of the eight artists in different ways as they circle questions, as stated above, on Time- moment and eternity, and Place- its defining components.

Steve Daily and Susan Morelock engage preservation, question existence and passage. With his image of a moth Daily is curious about unknowns that the sample inspires- in the journey of the unknown species and its path. Capturing the moth in an image preserves its life and questions that surround it. So too does the work of Morelock seek to preserve; for her the inability to capture a moment can haunt, so the camera has become almost a necessity.

In similar but different tone is Gwynne Johnson who deals with loss and longing by a fulfilling and emptying accumulation of images of men who resemble her deceased father. Taken from behind in fleeting moments between the starting bell and photo finish at the racetrack the anonymous figures work as armatures of almost, but not quite substitutes that seem to open not close the gap of disappointment. Regarding doubt and teetering between states of belief and disbelief is the work of Jose Ferreira. Through a range of media contradictory positions are engaged and in Ferreira, as with Johnson, our sense of loss is felt by our inability to achieve, reach, attain desires.

Kristin Nason and Rob Swainston's work speaks to the lack of concreteness in contemporary culture and our ever changing place holders. Nason createsDecoysthat represent shifting figures, the individual is referenced through form but contradicted. "Sigularity is a

liability" and construction (assemblage of a range of cast off materials) reflects the schizophrenic attitudes of contemporary life. So too does the work of Swainston engage continuous shift through environmental renovation. Images of blue construction fence prove that the only permanent state is the state of change.

Self and other are identified and catalogued in the work of Learing Ross and Anna Shteynshleyger. With different intent and approach the two reflect sentiments of place through portraiture. Ross is more interested in defining "Other" in the difference between the artistic bohemian and middle management. Though different, Ross acknowledges that each strata was drawn to opportunities offered by place, the city of Chicago. Shteynshleygers work from the seriesEscalatorare shots of strangers, mere "pops" of proof taken in a location of transit - the Port Authority bus Terminal in New York. Here too layers of humanity are revealed as they relate to location. With Shteynshleyger the emphasis is not placed on "The Other," rather engages a pluralistic view.

Each artist's work is fascinating and critical alone; seen together however the interconnectedness of subjects and entangling of themes reveal a unique look at the greater language and concerns of school of artists.

For more information on this exhibition please visit Andrea Meislin Gallery

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