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New Collectors Welcome: AIPAD as a Resource

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, March 10, 2015


A Known Resource to Seasoned Collectors, AIPAD Welcomes New and Evolving Collectors



AIPAD is great way to get a lay of the land as far as photography is concerned.  The Show is a place to explore and engage the media, its history, offerings, and trends.  If you are a new collector and have been curious about vintage, modern, contemporary, or new lens-based forms, AIPAD Dealers run the gamut and set the standard.


If you are interested in collecting, but aren't sure where to start- photography is an excellent entrée to art collecting in general and rich focal pursuit in particular.  Due to editioning, the media has its own inherent democracy; it is an affordable yet exclusive media.  Photographs are easy to display, store, ship, and generally care-take.  If you are interested in art collecting in general or photography collecting in particular AIPAD proves a thrilling and informative stop on your viewing list.


New and evolving collectors are encouraged to use the AIPAD Photography Show as a go-to resource and AIPAD Dealers as a point to return.  Visit the fair and peruse the works.  Connect with AIPAD dealers, and stay connected; all AIPAD dealers are noteworthy and reputable.  Join AIPAD dealer mailing lists of interest.  After the Show, visit AIPAD Dealer’s galleries when you can in person.  When scheduling or distance challenge you- follow your galleries of interest online.


Review the AIPAD Member List.


Preview the AIPAD Exhibitor List.

Purchase AIPAD Show Tickets


Watch for Public Programming.  



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Wall Street Journal Review: Eliot Elisofon at Gitterman Gallery

Posted By Administration, Friday, March 6, 2015

Eliot Elisofon


on view through April 18, 2015



There is a reason Life magazine dominated the market for more than 40 years: It had great picture stories. Eliot Elisofon (1911-1973) was a Life photojournalist for almost 30 years, covering such diverse stories as Gen. George S. Patton’s campaign in North Africa and Ella Fitzgerald’s birthday. None of the 49 black-and-white prints at Gitterman were published in Life, but they demonstrate the talent that made Elisofon an asset. There are eight pictures from his 1939 “Playgrounds for Manhattan” project that was exhibited at the New School; children are shown in the dirt at a construction site, playing hockey in the street, crawling in a sewer pipe and idling in a puddle. Another series of eight pictures, “David Smith’s Studio” (1938), shows the young sculptor and his work with great sensitivity; Elisofon clearly understood what the artist’s modernist work was about.   - William Meyers 


Learn more about the exhibition or view works online at Gitterman Gallery.

Read he full review by William Meyers; link available via Gitterman Gallery.



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Press Previews: Selma March 1965 at Steven Kasher Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, March 3, 2015

On View: March 5th – April 18th 2015


Reception with James Barker, Tracy Martin and Michelle Moore Peel

Thursday, March 5th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm



Never before . . . has the work of photographers James Barker, Spider Martin and Charles Moore been brought together like this.  By combining their work, the exhibition captures in a new way the angst, courage and chaos of this seminal moment in American history.  - Steven Kasher


Steven Kasher Gallery’s Selma March 1965 exhibition commemorates the 50th anniversary of the marches and the catalyzation of the Voting rights Act.  The Steven Kasher Gallery has been dedicated to exposing work on the Civil Rights Movement; this Selma March 1965 exhibition marks the gallery’s 30th public show on the subject.  The exhibition has rightfully earned much press.  


Selma March 1965 presents a collection of over 150 period prints depicting three Selma-to-Montgomery marches.  When they were taken these works rocked the nation and galvanized the Civil Rights Movement; today they stand in memoriam, but still chill us to our humanitarian core. Galelry Director, Steven Kasher said of the image-selection: “Together the images . . . present a complex compelling tableau that is both monumental and intimate, brave and vulnerable.  [It] is inspiring, but also a chilling reminder that those who fight for social justice do at great risk, [and] with no guarantee that their efforts will be successful” (Kasher Press Release). 



Learn more about the exhibition and preview the show online at Steven Kasher Gallery.  

Notable coverage, including the New York Times and Smithsonian Magazine, available from Steven Kasher Gallery's Press Page.

Image Information:

Spider Martin

Hosea Williams and John Lewis Confront Troopers on Bloody Sunday

Courtesy of Steven Kasher Gallery, New York



Tags:  Selma March 1956  Steven Kasher Gallery 

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NewCity Review: Identify at Catherine Edelman Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Through April 4, 2015


Among the four wildly diverse approaches to representing the human body photographically on display here, Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s is the most inventive, although not the most meaningful. Dewey-Hagborg picks up cigarette butts and discarded chewing gum off the city sidewalks (depicted in her color shots), subjects the detritus to DNA analysis, runs the genetic profiles through a facial algorithm, and produces 3D resin portraits that presumably resemble the people who left the remains of their consumption for the scavenger-artist to appropriate (the droppings also grace her mini-installation). The three particular subjects whose faces look out at us from the gallery wall are all young, attractive and relentlessly clean, with an airbrushed appearance that belies the butts and gum from which they have been reconstructed.                    - Michael Weinstein



Read the full review by Weinstein in NewCity.


Visit Catherine Edelman Gallery for more information or to view works online.


Image Info:

Instal shot of Identify Exhibition

Artists Shown:  Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Tara Bogart, Jess T. Dugan, Michael Itkoff, Garth & Pierre

Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery 

Tags:  Catherine Edelman Gallery  Identify  NewCity Review 

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New Yorker Review: Liz Nielsen at Laurence Miller Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Through Feb. 28. 



The Brooklyn-based photographer’s vivid new photograms seem equally inspired by the children’s toy Colorforms and by color-field painting Nielsen uses transparent gels to overlap and juxtapose shapes against dark backgrounds; each of the images is unique. At times, the sprightly compositions suggest landscapes, totems, or flags—like the scenery of sophisticated cartoons. In one, big swatches of magenta, pink, purple, and sky blue combine so happily they could dispel any glum mood.


New Yorker Review. 

View the exhibition online at Laurence Miller Gallery.



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