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Review: Luis Gonzalez Palma at Lisa Sette Gallery

Posted By Administration, Saturday, December 20, 2014

An Intimate Complicity: Luis González Palma’s 20 Years of Looking Beyond


through December 31, 2014 


This mini-retrospective at Sette Gallery’s new space is sweeping, and covers the Guatemalan artist’s work through the past 20 years.  Through his career Palma has addressed the complexities that exist between the viewer and the subject.  The issue of the gaze is loaded and, we experience a roller-coaster of subdued emotions when we see Palma’s work, old or new.  It is perhaps most well-known to be melancholic and elegant.  Truthfully it is.  It is delicate and torn; it is tender and tragic; it is residual and enduring.


Palma’s work has always been hybridized.  His diverse choice of media invests the work with power and charges it with intention.  He has executed works that shimmer and shine in gold or silver leaf; are held together with red string or adorned with red ribbon; gridded or pieced together from original documents or torn prints; and has even encased transparent (kodalith) prints in resin.


The work has remained specific yet universal, addressing the struggles of people in Guatemala and Argentina, and using these troubled histories to reveal trespasses man has imposed upon man through human history.  The works are as rife with implications, and its very existence is, as John Wood said in his introductory essay  to Palma’s Poems of Sorrow, “The story [Palma] tells us can be read as a fable of human endurance, as a homily, or as a cautionary tale.”  Then continues to unfold truth reminding us that “We are the ones who lace the thorns and skulls into the crowns of our children and lovers, and though we will eventually arrive at the boneyard, a clear-eyed view of human life, much of which is human pain, can serve as an amulet, as our coraza (shield), to protect us from despair” (p. 18).  As the thorn, the work both wounds and protects.


It is no wonder then, that the artist’s new series, Möbius, involves juxtapositions and hybridity.  These works draw on language of early 1900’s concretist/rationalist movement and Palma’s own magical realism.  Palma intersects his portraits with geometrical arrangements in primary acrylics.  The artist says of this series:


My aim with “Möbius” is to create works that allow for a new dialogue between my photographs, usually portraits loaded with emotion and subjective intensity, with abstract geometric painting elements referencing Latin American concretism… providing a rereading of the visual history of ideas from this side of the world, from its history and its contradictions.  


We are offered yet another interpretation of Palma’s work and of history through Möbius’ layered aesthetic new contexts complexities, and plurality surfaces.


For more information on this exhibition, please visit Lisa Sette Gallery


 Image Information:

Luis Gonzalez Palma, Las Ventanas de su Vestido

Courtesy of Lisa Sette Gallery


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New Yorker Review: Will Brown at Laurence Miller Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Will Brown: A Tender Light


through Dec. 20, 2014


The Philadelphia photographer makes his New York gallery début at seventy-seven with a richly atmospheric group of black-and-white streetscapes from the mid-nineteen-seventies. Working early in the morning in a neighborhood that had seen better days, Brown focussed on shop signs, commercial façades, and dusty windows that look like velvet in the soft light. A group of children pose before an open hydrant, and three men watch from their spots on the sidewalk, but most of these sites are unpopulated, and many seem abandoned, giving the work a lovely memorial quality, with echoes of both Eugène Atget and Walker Evans.      

- New Yorker


Additional Reviews in the New York Times Lens Blog and The Wall Street Journal

Learn more about the exhibition at Laurence Miller Gallery





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Star Tribune Review: The Fashion Show at Martin Weinstein Gallery

Posted By Blog User, Monday, December 15, 2014

The Fashion Show


through January 17, 2015 



The point is just to shine a light on this aspect of fashion photography — on women photographers working in the field.         

   - Leslie Hammons, Director 



Gazing at their lush and beguiling photos, it’s tempting to look for psychological or stylistic differences between the sexes. Surely the women’s work is more sensitive to female gestures or temperament, more attuned to women’s moods or movement. Don’t male photographers more often push a story line, or impose expectations on the models and the clothes they wear?


Not necessarily, insisted Weinstein director Leslie Hammons, who gathered the pictures from galleries and artists’ archives around the country. After scrutinizing portfolios and careers of innumerable artists, including many she didn’t have room to exhibit, she cautioned against generalizations based on sexual stereotyping. Female photographers influenced their male counterparts, and vice versa, Hammons said. Photographing models in motion, taking them from studio to street, introducing film noir theatrics, or psychedelia, or humor — such innovations moved too quickly for anyone to claim exclusive ownership.                             

  - Mary Abbe, Star Tribune


To read the full review by Mary Abbe, please visit the Star Tribune

To learn more about the exhibition, please visit Martin Weinstein Gallery


Tags:  Martin Weinstein Gallery  Star Tribune  Women Photographers 

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New Yorker Review: Sunil Gupta at SepiaEYE Gallery

Posted By Administration, Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunil Gupta:  Out and About:  New York and New Delhi

Through December 20, 2014 


The Indian photographer lived in New York in the mid-nineteen-seventies, when he took the black-and-white photographs in his “Christopher Street” series, shown here for the first time. His subjects are other gay men cruising the busy Village artery, dressed in the style of the time: bomber jackets, tight jeans, plaid shirts, aviator shades. But the work owes its frisson to more than just fashion; even when no glances are exchanged, Gupta gives his images a subtle erotic charge and a genuine tenderness. 


Read the review in the New Yorker

To learn more about the exhibition or preview the works online please visit SepiaEYE Gallery



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Collector Daily Review: Abelardo Morell at Edwynn Houk Gallery

Posted By Administration, Saturday, December 6, 2014

Abelardo Morell:  Some Recent Pictures


On view through December 20, 2014 


In a time when one-after-the-other serial production of bodies of work has become the dominant mode in the art world, Abelardo Morell’s ongoing parallel processing of multiple different lines of photographic thinking is quietly and perhaps defiantly contrarian. While others methodically start and finish each new project, moving forward step by incremental step, Morell is the photographic equivalent of a carnival acrobat with spinning plates on sticks, each one humming along until it slows and needs a quick spark of renewed attention. This show of recent work provides updates on a handful of discrete projects, some of which he’s been successfully working on for decades, others that he’s just begun. Following his photographic career is a little like keeping half a dozen novels on your bedside table and picking them up intermittently to read a few pages; all the stories are moving forward simultaneously, so you have to pay close multi-tasking attention to keep the new developments straight.          - Loring Knoblauch, Collector Daily

Read the full review in Collector Daily

View the exhibition online at Edwynn Houk Gallery

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