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Review: Duane Michals at Stephen Bulger Gallery

Posted By Administration, Friday, October 10, 2014

Duane Michals

An Exhibition 


through October 18


This exhibition is Duane Michals first at Stephen Bulger Gallery.  Works included were drawn from his nearly 50-year career.  Though Michals describes himself as self-taught, he did have on and off training in the arts as a teenager at the Carnegie Institute in watercolor, and as a young man at Parsons School of Design in graphic design.  His studies were neither formal nor complete, but it is likely they spurred his interest and aptitude in the arts.


Michals is known for challenging the photographic media, its construction, means, and nature.  The images on view with Bulger belong to two main groups: portraits or actions accompanied by text, some in sequence, and found-images embellished with oil paint.  Both veins of work let interior qualities out and encourage us to wonder on deeper levels about the image that confronts us.  Many of the text-accompanied images are of famous artists.  We find the subjects at home or in the studio; in either case they are in their element, and we are allowed an intimate view of a perhaps otherwise untouchable art-history icon.  The works are humanizing and honest.  They can be almost uncomfortably revealing; its as if we are able through Michals' frames to enter the subject's soul.  In an image of Willem de Kooning (1985)  we find the artist before his canvas, contemplating his next stroke.  We are positioned watchfully over his shoulder, and can feel the tension and pressure of the creative process at work.  Andy Warhol is a reoccurring figure in this exhibition, and in a vertical triple-portrait Andy Warhol (1972) we again sense the torment that bubbles up in the artist's soul.  The first portrait is solum and straight-on; the two accompanying shots are blurred by motion as Michals snaps the frames while Andy shakes his head from side to side and his visage distorts.  


In the latter string of images, the found-frames with oil paint, we find Michals' simple geometric additions to be playful and encouraging of open-ended narratives. The works elevate beyond the portrait and simple shapes may allude to games, desires, struggles, or dreams.  It is the viewer who decides how to apply meaning to a grid, a ladder, a dot-pattern, and so on.  Michals works remind us that viewing is subjective; that the "museum image" need not be "neat;" and that the artist's hand can make the work both approachable and expansive. 


For more information on this exhibition, or to view the works online, please visit Stephen Bulger Gallery.

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Etherton Gallery in Photograph Magazine

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The story of Etherton Gallery Director, Terry Etherton in this Photograph Magazine Profile by Sarah Schmerler.



When first-time visitors walk up the stairs and into Terry Etherton’s second-floor gallery in downtown Tucson, they are never prepared for what they find — a vast, museum-quality space that seems anomalous with the 101-degree heat outside: shiny, hardwood floors that go on forever (the building was a former ballroom), 16-foot-high walls, modern wood benches, and cabinet-of-curiosity style wooden vitrines filled with ephemera and art objects, the better to complement the vintage and 20th-century photo works that have been Etherton’s specialty for three decades. “I design the shows myself, often a year in advance,” says the 63-year-old dealer from his office lined with 5,500 photo books. “I care about the first impression we make, the themes uniting the work. Part of the challenge for me here is getting people in the door — we don’t have any street presence, save for a small sign. We’re a destination spot, so people come up the stairs with a purpose, and I love that.”  


Read the full story in Photograph Magazine

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Review: Thomas Barrow at Joseph Bellows Gallery

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Thomas Barrow : The Fashion Show


Through November 1, 2014


The unique prints from Thomas Barrow’s Fashion series were executed between 1965 and 1970, but remain fresh.  They root in art history, marking a shift in the way we think about the nature of photography as an art form and a device.  These works, among Barrow’s other series, were a direct challenge to the existing photographic currents, and acted as counterpoint to the idea that photography is an unadulterated view of the world. 


The images in Fashion are layered; their composition and qualities are physical, almost tactile.  The frames visually pulse with energy that can be perceived as both seductive and dangerous.  The Fashion series was composed through camera-less photography, and includes the use of such diverse techniques as solarization, negative printing, superimposing, montage, and abstraction.  Appropriation from magazine and other popular media sources literally connect the work to the content Barrow was exploring, including notions of beauty, advertising, and consumerism.  The prints are inverted, and appear in negative rather than positive view.  This distorts our vision, and effectively turns the content on its head.  We experience an undoing of expectation.  The fact that they still read as industry or advertisement images makes us want to examine the constructions of desire and the visual “sales pitch” behind what is proposed to us as ideal. 

For more information on this exhibition, or to view the works online, visit Joseph Bellows Gallery.



Image Information:

Thomas Barrow, Defender (1968)

Courtesy of Joseph Bellows Gallery 




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New AIPAD Member : Welcome See+ Gallery

Posted By Administration, Thursday, September 18, 2014

This year AIPAD welcomes a new member,Beijing-based See+ Gallery.  See+ Gallery is comprised of an academic committee of critics and curators.   See+ is dedicated to giving platform to artists through exhibitions, and acts as a site for dialogue by hosting lectures and seminars.  


To learn more about See+ and its programming, visit their website.

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Gallery Fifty One Celebrates 15 Years

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Open in June of 2000, Gallery Fifty One now stands at the opening of its 15th art season.  The gallery, located at Zirkstraat 20, Belgium, is the only gallery dedicated to photography in Belgium.  Since opening it has remained dedicated to exposing work by emerging photographers alongside established photographers of the 20th and 21st centuries.  In more recent years the gallery has put photography into broader dialogue through exhibitions that pair the media with other works on paper.  This side-by-side comparison is intended to, as the gallery states, "emphasize the artistic gaze of photography."  In the past year the gallery opened a secondary exhibition space, Fifty One Too; this venue gives the gallery an additional platform from which to share its vision.  Congratulations Gallery Fifty One; wishing you another successful 15 years and more.  

Notable forthcoming exhibitions and events at the gallery include:

Michael Wolf
New series Hong Kong Flora & Trilogy and Shadows in Paris
December 5 - January 24, 2015

Vivian Maier
New Unpublished Images
December 5 - January 24, 2015

Saul Leiter
2015 exhibition dates not yet announced. 

For more information on this AIPAD Member Gallery, please visit Gallery Fifty One.

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