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Artist's Exhibition & Book Release: Henrik Isaksson Garnell at Grundemark Nilsson Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Exhibition Dates:
May 17 - July 5

Opening & book release:  Friday May 16
7:00 - 9:00 pm

The exhibition will be opened by Bill Kouwenhoven, International Editor and Author

This exhibition celebrates the new work of Henrik Isaksson Garnell, Ephemera, and the newly released book of earlier work Dissonance; it is  his second show with the gallery.  The work engages layered histories of the still-life genre and challenges the validity of photographic representation.  Garnell constructs his images.  They meld the sculptural, the scientific, and the artistic.  Because they so convincingly suspend our belief, they weave their own reality and become contemporary parallels to such inventions as the "Peking Man" or work by Joan Fontcuberta.  Garnell draws components in part from from his surroundings in a forest near his Stockholm home.   He collects botanical samples and animal bones; these become meshed with wires, chords, plugs, batteries, lights, and other scientific or mechanical elements.  Hybrid forms emerge and celebrate a perfect dissonance.  The constructed forms morph before our eyes.  Depending on the viewer or the work we may at first percieve the whole and try to identify a form such as a face, a sea creature, a brain or larvae, even unidentifiable scientific device then move deeper to inspect the component elements.  Others among us may first see the parts then reconstruct an invented whole from Gernell's incorporated pieces.  Either way there is no denying these images; they are strange and fascinating and sit against black ground like specimens.  They satisfy our curiosity and are both distinctly believable and knowingly unbelievable.  

For more information on this exhibition please visit Grundemark Nilsson Gallery.

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New Yorker Review: David Maisel at Yancey Richardson Gallery

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, April 30, 2014
David Maisel:  History's Shadow

Through May 10, 2014

American photographer David Maisel is interested in the underpinnings of systems.  In a career that has evolved over the past 25 years he has explored the landscape, sculptural artifacts, and more, but always from the perspective of entropy.  Images are full of layered truths; often they are surreal or fantastic.  Space and compression of history and memory are felt and seen.  This latest show, the artist's first with Yancey Richardson Gallery, features works from his History's Shadow series as well as images from his Library of Dust series.  

In History's Shadow Maisel x-rays of objects, sculptures, and artifacts from museum collections.  These inverse views of forms are mysterious and fascinating.  They are almost spiritual reflections of the structures they depict.  Elegant white shadows appear to float on deep black ground.  They haunt and appear as if they will almost animate before our eyes.  The title for the work, says Maisel, refers "both to the literal images that the x-rays create as they are re-photographed and to the metaphorical content informed by the past from which these objects derive."  Somehow the shadow of the form becomes more potent than its physical whole.  There is a dual play on art and science and their connected histories- first with the creation of the object, then with the creation of the image.  Poetics folds into these works and we desire to explore the world within and beyond the physical. In Library of Dust  the artist photographed individual copper canisters containing the cremated remains of patients from a state-run psychiatric hospital.  Again we experience a sense of wonder.  We see the years of time and its affect on the exterior of the canisters and contemplate the life and fate of persons unknown.  

For more information on this exhibition, please visit Yancey Richardson Gallery
Read the New Yorker Review

Image information:
David Maisel 
History's Shadow GM25
Courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery

Tags:  David Maisel  Yancey Richardson Gallery 

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Abelardo Morell in the Atlantan

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Currently exhibiting at Jackson Fine Art

Through May 3, 2014

Abelardo Morell is known for his play with camera obscura.  His experiments started in his own living room at home in the early 1990's.  His experimenting continued and took him around the world to juxtapose interiors with their opposing views.  This is more than a natural relationship but a wonderful and elegant expanding and compressing of space.  

Morell's work has been collected and shown internationally, including MOMA, the Whitney, and the Metropolitan in New York City; the Art Institute of Chicago; SFMOMA; the Houston Museum of Art; the Boston Museum of Fine Art; and the Vicoria and Albert museum among other notable institutions.  He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, among them a Cintas Grant in 1992, a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1994, a Rapport Prize in 2006, an Alturas Foundation grant in 209, and the Infinity Award in Art from the International Center of photography in 2011.

More coverage in The Atlantan

Link to the gallery for more information:  Jackson Fine Art

Image Information:
Camera Obscura: Garden with Olive Tree Inside Room with Plants, Italy, 2009
Courtesy of Jackson Fine Art

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Review: 30th Anniversary Show at Laurence Miller Galelry

Posted By Administration, Thursday, April 24, 2014
Thirty Years Thirty-One Photographers

 Through April 26th.

As this anniversary show draws to a close it receives a nod from This Week in New York.  The exhibition celebrates the 250 exhibitions mounted by the gallery in the past 30 years.  These works explore not only the evolution of the gallery, but of the media itself.  We see history unfolding from the traditional silver prints to large format contemporary works, but that is not all we see.  Miller has organized the works to flow seamlessly one to another with attention given to theme, content, shape, subject and more.  Slight shifts move us forward frame by frame and we experience time unraveling before our eyes.  

For more information on the gallery, its history and forthcoming events, please visit Laurence Miller Gallery

Review of the show in This Week in New York.

Tags:  Laurence Miller Gallery 

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Survey of Nine Years on 23rd. Street.

Posted By Administration, Thursday, April 24, 2014
Steven Kasher Gallery prepares to move to 26th Street this summer.

Slaves of Mimesis

Exhibition Dates:  April 24 - May 24, 2014

Opening Reception:  
Thursday, April 24
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Steven Kasher Gallery's Slaves of Mimeses will celebrate the over 100 Exhibitions and a forthcoming move to 515 W. 26th. Street with a survey show.  Poignant previously exhibited works by over 50 artists will help identify key themes to the gallery's agenda.  There are six major themes running through the work:  New York Countercultures, Liberation struggles, Glamor/Sex, Street/public Sphere; Musicians, and Typological Portraits.  

The exhibition title is derived in part from the theory of Plato's Cave where all art is thrice removed from reality; Mimesis is a Greek term which means "limitation," re-creation, or portrayal.  Certainly this promises to be a pinnacle moment in the life of the gallery; a moment of looking backward and looking forward.  

For more information on this exhibition, please visit Steven Kasher Gallery

Tags:  Steven Kasher Gallery 

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