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NewCity Review: Identify at Catherine Edelman Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Through April 4, 2015


Among the four wildly diverse approaches to representing the human body photographically on display here, Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s is the most inventive, although not the most meaningful. Dewey-Hagborg picks up cigarette butts and discarded chewing gum off the city sidewalks (depicted in her color shots), subjects the detritus to DNA analysis, runs the genetic profiles through a facial algorithm, and produces 3D resin portraits that presumably resemble the people who left the remains of their consumption for the scavenger-artist to appropriate (the droppings also grace her mini-installation). The three particular subjects whose faces look out at us from the gallery wall are all young, attractive and relentlessly clean, with an airbrushed appearance that belies the butts and gum from which they have been reconstructed.                    - Michael Weinstein



Read the full review by Weinstein in NewCity.


Visit Catherine Edelman Gallery for more information or to view works online.


Image Info:

Instal shot of Identify Exhibition

Artists Shown:  Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Tara Bogart, Jess T. Dugan, Michael Itkoff, Garth & Pierre

Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery 

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Chicago Tribune Feature: Sandro Miller at Catherine Edelman Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters by Sandro Miller is playful and collaborative.  Not only is this work a hitlist of photo master's and classic images, it is a thrilling collaboration between artist and model, director and actor- Miller and Malkovich.  


In 2013, Sandro decided to do a project honoring the men and women whose photographs helped shape his career. After selecting thirty-five images to emulate, Sandro contacted Malkovich, who instantly agreed to participate. When speaking about Malkovich, Sandro states: “John is the most brilliant, prolific person I know. His genius is unparalleled. I can suggest a mood or an idea and within moments, he literally morphs into the character right in front of my eyes. He is so trusting of my work and our process… I’m truly blessed to have him as my friend and collaborator.”  - Edelman Press


In frame after frame this exhibition celebrates art-historical influences and iconic figures.  It is dramatic and rewarding- we are delighted at every choice, and may even catch ourselves chuckling in gratitude at the breath and scope of the work.  Each image leaves us wanting to see more- another in a series of greatest-hits.  We see this work does more than simply homage.  It explores the authenticity of the photographic image; reminds us of the photographer's intent; and underscores the performative element in photography. We also consider the greater, and ever-evolving, role of the media in culture, as it has been a tool for manufacturing identity and revealing inner sentiments.  We roll all this over as we see the talented Malkovich meld from one personage to another. 


[Malkovich becomes] Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali, Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, Bette Davis, a Dust Bowl mother and a pair of young female twins. Essentially, the actor . . .[slips] — if only for an instant — into the subject of more than two dozen iconic photos, portraits that Miller said "changed the way I thought about photography over the years, pictures that remind me a strong portrait of someone can change the way we think of a person." - Christopher Borrelli, Chicago Tribune



For more information on this exhibition, please visit Catherine Edelman Gallery.

Full Review in the Chicago Tribune.


Image information:

Irving Penn / Truman Capote, New York (1948), 2014

© Sandro Miller / image courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago




Tags:  Catherine Edelman Gallery  John Malkovich  Sandro Miller 

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Artist's Opening Reception: Elizabeth Ernst at Catherine Edelman Gallery

Posted By Administration, Sunday, April 6, 2014
Mirror Mirror

Exhibition Dates:  May 2 - July 3, 2014

Artist's Opening Reception:
Friday, May 2
5:00 - 7:00 pm

Artist's Talk at the Gallery:
Saturday, May 3 

Mirror Mirror marks Elizabeth Ernst's third solo show at the gallery.  Ernst creates fantastical photo-driven mixed media works.  A practice that began in her childhood as a way to protect and perhaps even give companionship to her brother, only 14 months younger than her who suffered from cerebral palsy, Ernst imagines and builds imaged characters out of wood, paper mache, wire, and other bits of basic materials.  Not only does Ernst give her imagined friends names, she builds their surroundings, and personalities emerge and dramas unfold.  These characters evolve as do the dramas in their lives and histories.  There is Edie who dons a star-studded tiara and through the age in her eyes we can only imagine her well-lived past.  There is a solitary robot-man, the Junk Collector who seems sullen and solitary but more content to smoke a cigaret in his back room than build himself a companion.  There is Kenny who is humble and tired, and with his concertina under his arm and his shirt untucked it hardly matters if he is at the beginning or end of his day he is certainly at the tail end of a long lifetime.  

Some of Ernst's figures we have seen before.  Some works are familiar, others give new insight to the ongoing stories around her evolving cast.  The images themselves are unique and hybridized.  Prints of the composed figures and miniature scenes are printed on canvas and then embellished with acrylic paint.

For more information on this exhibition, please visit Catherine Edelman Gallery

Image information:
Elizabeth Ernst
Gus in the Kitchen (2013)

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Artist's Opening Reception & Gallery Talk: Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison at Catherine Edelman Gallery

Posted By Administration, Friday, February 21, 2014

Gautier's Dream 


Exhibition Dates: March 7 - April 26, 2014


Artist's Opening Reception:

Friday, March 7

5:00 - 7:00 pm


Gallery Talk:

Saturday, March 8



Titled after Theophile Gautier, a French artist, writer, and critic ParkeHarrison's new work Gautier's Dream depicts the artists' Everyman as a performer.  Drama and theatrics have always been a part of the work of Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison, but in this new series we see the Everyman take to the stage.  As a performer the Everyman now plays and practices his characters.  The work celebrates ParkeHarrisons' love for theater, cinema, and dance.  

Play and performance have as much potency and purpose now as in earlier series where our Everyman worked in the landscape to heal the scarrings of Man.  While what happens on the stage is not reality it often mirrors truth, so though the Everyman is liberated from saving a dying world he only engages in it more symbolically.


Pieces of the natural world- animals, insects and flowers are found in the frames, so the scene is still often centralized around nature.  InThe Lover we see the lead covered with flowers and in Weather Spy, again his visage is masked and he tries with birds and test tubes to predict an impending storm.  Make-believe and performance allows a folding in of additional layers, including beauty, jeux, research and study.  Thief of Paris is an entire laboratory where samples are scattered and tubed, and inWaters of March we see an explorer preparing for a trip, a birdcage included in his pack.  Other works are more directly tied to the drama of the theater, Gautier's Dream and Pelican for example; both seem to catch the pinnacle of the performance.  We begin to find that the stage can give more weight to the frames than the landscape.  Tension heightens because we fall in love with frames that we know have compressed narratives.  We forget ourselves and disconnect from our reality and float into the imagined, and we see the Everyman doing just that for us as the world still turns around him.  We wonder if the only hope we have left for the World is the imagined.


 For more information on the Exhibition, please visit Catherine Edelman Gallery


Image Information:

Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison

Thief of Paris, 2013

© Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison

Tags:  Catherine Edelman Gallery  Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison 

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