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Richard Tuschman at Klompching Gallery

Posted By AIPAD, Thursday, February 18, 2016

Klompching Gallery is delighted to present the debut of Once Upon a Time in Kazimierz, a new series of photographs by Richard Tuschman. This will form the artist's first solo exhibition at Klompching Gallery, and will be launched with an Opening Reception on Thursday, March 3rd, 6:00 - 9:00 pm, with the artist in attendance. 


Once Upon a Time in Kazimierz is a visual novella, which portrays a fictional Jewish family in 1930s Poland. Set in the once vibrant neighborhood of Kazimierz in Krakow, the location is a metaphor for loss and decay. In 1935, the Jewish historian Meir Balaban, described the neighborhood's declining Jewish population as being "only the poor and the ultra-conservative." Indeed, the darkness evident in the photographs, is underpinned by an awareness that the fates of the characters, are likely doomed by history, with the impending holocaust. While death, the fraying of family bonds, and feelings of grief haunt many of the photographs, this gloom is punctuated by moments of love, longing and tenderness.


Read more about this upcoming exhibition by clicking here


Pictured: Working Morning, 2014 © Richard Tuschman/courtesy Klompching Gallery, New York

Tags:  Assemblage  Contemporary Photography  Diorama  Jewish Family  Klompching Gallery  Krakow  Novella  Once Upon A Time In Kazimierz  Richard Tuschman 

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Robert Moran and Robert Calafiore: Relics and Glass

Posted By AIPAD, Friday, November 13, 2015

Robert Moran and Robert Calafiore: Relics and Glass

EXHIBITION DATES: November 4–December 12, 2015


Klompching Gallery brings together the photographic artworks of two artists, Robert Moran and Robert Calafiore. Each artist presents compelling photographs of artifacts, bringing to attention in fine detail, the objects’ individual attributes. More than this, they each utilize the photographic medium in different ways to preserve histories that are at once universal and highly personal. By juxtaposing the different methodologies utilized by two perceptive and highly skilled photographers, we highlight the breadth of possibilities in visualizing ideas through the photographic medium.

In the case of Robert Moran, we present the Relics series. Made between 2011–2014, the photographs that make up Relics, present artifacts from our recent past that are discarded, and for the most part, no longer used. The objects range from manual typewriters, earth globes, dial phones and lava lamps through to electric fans and pigskin footballs. Each machine or object is centrally positioned upon a shelf, photographed front-on and lit brightly. The method of depicting the objects is reminiscent of an anthropological survey, presenting the viewer with the details to scrutinize. However, the simplicity of approach also enables us to view the subject matter with a touch of nostalgia, warmth and to ignite memories of an object’s past use.

Robert Calafiore’s Glass series consists of images of seemingly ordinary glass objects. However, most of them are mid-century family heirlooms, from the artist’s immediate and extended Italian migrant family. They are imbued with narratives of migration, generational family history and for the artist, direct experiences of their utilitarian function in the family home. Individual and unique experiences have been transferred into unique objects, with each photograph being made as a one-of-a-kind print, using a pinhole camera obscura to record light directly onto the traditional photographic paper.

Whereas Robert Moran’s photographs are almost monochromatic, quiet and contemplative, with each photograph rendered at an intimate scale, Robert Calafiore’s photographs are lush in color, vibrant and energetic; boldly stated as a large-scale grid of 18 separate photographs. What they share is a wonderful celebration of the importance of objects in peoples’ lives, our projection of personal stories onto them, and in their own ways, a nod to photography’s performative role within that context. Both bodies of work are about beauty, about collective reminiscence and personal narratives.

Robert Moran lives and works off the coast of Maine. His photographs have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions across the US and internationally, including at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (Australia), The Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, US), Griffin Museum of Photography (Winchester, US) and the Magenta Flash Forward Festival (Canada) among others. Photographs by Robert Moran are represented in the collections of Cleveland Clinic, the Magenta Foundation and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

Robert Calafiore lives and works in West Hartford, Connecticut. He holds a BFA in Photography from Hartford Art School and an MFA in Photography from the State University of New York at Buffalo. His work has been exhibited in several exhibitions in the US, including at the Klompching Gallery in 2014. Collections holding his work include the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the New Britain Museum of American Art.

Klompching Gallery was established 2007, and specializes in the sale and exhibition of contemporary fine art photography. The gallery represents an international roster of established artists, whose work can be found in several notable public and private collections. Located in Dumbo (Brooklyn, New York) the gallery showcases photography that demonstrates creative integrity and intent, originality, narrative and aesthetic challenges, and the highest level of craftsmanship. Klompching Gallery is a member of AIPAD since 2012, and exhibits each year at the New York Photography Show at the Park Avenue Armory. In addition to its exhibitions schedule, the gallery provides detailed, bespoke acquisition services to collectors of contemporary photographs.

For press inquiries, please contact Darren Ching at

For all other inquiries, please contact the gallery at

Tags:  Klompching Gallery  Robert Calafiore  Robert Moran 

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Klompching Gallery Moves to Street-level in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Posted By Administration, Thursday, July 30, 2015

Inagural Exhibition & Artist's Reception

Max de Esteban:  Heads Will Roll 


Exhibition Dates:  September 12 - October 30, 2015


Artist's Reception:

Saturday, September 12

6:00 - 8:00 om



Klompching Gallery celebrates the opening of their new street-level space in Dumbo, Brooklyn with an exhibition of work by Max de Esteban.  The Gallery was established in 2007 and specializes in critical cutting-edge contemporary photography by a roster of established artists who's work "demonstrates creative integrity and intent, originality, narrative and aesthetic challenges, and the highest level of craftsmanship" (Klompching press release).  


Max de Esteban's Heads Will Roll draws on source material from the multiple steams of imagery we are bombarded with daily, including images of "war, violence, and disasters" (Klompching press release).  Max de Esteban nods to a tradition of photomontage, and brings the approach into a contemporary realm.  His work draws us in like a moth to the flame; it is visually seductive and enticing.  The more we look, the more we see.  Frames are super-saturated by color and content; they are beautiful but dangerously revelatory, for they underline the frenzied nature of image-streams and the state of mind they establish, often one of looming danger.  In Heads Will Roll layers of many images come together to compose the works; the artist also uses geometric grounds to add dimension, disruption, and connection to the source images.  Together the work establishes a chaotic sense of order; we can pick through the images and selectively engage the whole and the parts they present.  The exhibition is accompanied by a monograph by the same name, Heads Will Roll; it contains essays by curator Carles Guerra and author Bill Kouwenhooven.


For more information on the Gallery, the Artist and his work, please visit Klompching Gallery

Klompching Gallery Press Release 



Image Information:

Max de Esteban A Technological Construct of Totality (2013)

Courtesy of Klompching Gallery

Tags:  Klompching Gallery  Max de Esteban 

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