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Preview of 'Héctor Garcia: 60 Years of Remarkable Photography' at Throckmorton Fine Art

Posted By AIPAD, Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Updated: Friday, July 22, 2016

Héctor Garcia photographed the soul of Mexico. In his remarkable, six-decade-long career, he traveled extensively around the country, documenting its celebrities, celebrations, conflicts, and tragedies. One haunting picture captures Frida Kahlo in her coffin, with Diego Riviera looking on while a prayer is being read. In another, which André Malraux called one of the cruelest images of our time, a child covered in dirt sits folded up into a small crawl-space cut into a plane of concrete. These pictures and many more are displayed at Throckmorton Fine Art, in New York, in “Héctor Garcia: Sixty Years of Remarkable Photography,” a major retrospective that opens on September 22.


Learn more here

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Frida Kahlo: More than a Moment

Posted By Administration, Friday, May 15, 2015


A legend in her own time as much as ours, Frida Kahlo is the focus of a string of exhibitions in New York.  Throckmorton Fine Art opens, Mirror Mirror…, an exhibition of portraits of the artist, and the New York Botanical Garden reimagines the garden at the Casa Azul and highlights still-lives and works with botanical subjects. 


Mirror Mirrior… opens at Throckmorton on May 21st.  Even with a stunning collection of 50 rare vintage prints of the artist by 20th century masters we could handle more.  This represents but a portion of the images that depict the artist; “’Frida did not miss an opportunity to be photographed by anyone,’” said Photo Director, Norberto Rivera in a recent article, by Guy Trebay (New York Times). Depictions of Kahlo on view are by Lola Alvarez Bravo, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Florence Arquin, Lucienne Bloch, Imogen Cunningham, Hector Garcia, Dora Maar, Leo Matiz, Edward Weston, and more.  Together they offer a glimpse into the soul of this Mexican artist, revolutionary, and icon.  Indeed, we find the artist’s visage as inexhaustible as our desire to see her work.  The more we know of Kahlo, the more we engage her work and vice-versa.  We all know Frida lived in pain; images, says Rivera in Trebay’s article, were her way to hide it.  We can choose to see each frame in Mirror Mirror… as a shield and a doorway.


Learn  more about Mirror Mirror…

at Throckmorton Fine Art.


Read “Its Frida Kahlo’s Moment” by Guy Trebay

in the New York Times



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Throckmorton Fine Art in Wall Street International

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Homage: Lucien Clergue 

through July 12, 2014

This selection of prints gives generous attention to the French photographer Lucien Clergue's most noted subject, the female nude torso.  The exhibition features about 30 images by the artist who is known equally well for his work as a filmmaker, educator, and author.  Clergue's prints, mostly silver prints in this show, are sumptuous and smooth.  Light and its play on the body was signature to his style and remains as seductive as it is memorable, and Throckmorton does well to include a classic Zebra Nude where the sun's rays peek through blinds to mark and ripple over two torsos.  Water is another recurring theme in this exhibition, and while Nude of the Sea, Camargue, or Out of Vagueness, Camargue highlight the figure it is offset, even celebrated, by the rippling water that surrounds them.  Other frames feature only the shimmery surface of the water and these are as alluring if not more mysterious than the frames that include a figure.  There remains something fleshy about even Clergue's still-life frames, and it may be his sensitivity to light and form that renders his work so enticing. 

Clergue was the first photographer to be elected to the Academie des Beaux-Artes and has been awarded both the Order of Merit and the Order of the Legion of Honor.  His work has been widely exhibited and collected; he is the author of 75 books and was the first photographer to present a theses of prints only, no written text supplemented his work, he wrote only with light.

Full coverage of the Wall Street International story available at Throckmorton Fine Art

Image Information:
Lucien Clergue, Nude at Point Lobos, 1980
Courtesy of Throckmorton Fine Art

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