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Exhibition: Personal Correspondents at the Brooklyn Historical Society

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Personal Correspondents:  Photography and Letter Writing in Civil War Brooklyn


Through Spring 2016


At a time in U.S. History when equality is again at center stage, the Brooklyn Historical Society's ongoing Personal Correspondents exhibition feels particularly poignant.  The Society drew primarily from its own archive to give perspective to the Civil War as experienced by Brooklynites.  Photographs and letters are supplemented by objects, newspaper clippings, and audio recordings.  All of this material works to bring us back to the state of mind of the period, for we can never help but track with us our personal ideologies or contemporary viewpoints.  What is revealed is a complicated issue with many sides, alliances, and motivations.  It was said by historian James McPherson that this War "determined what kind of nation" the United States was (Bischof, Newsweek).  We know today that the fight for equality was long from over.  Indeed, the War was a tide-turner, but the waves of the ethical shifts behind it are still being felt and fought for across the nation.   


Read a recap of the exhibition by Jackie Bischof in Newsweek.


Learn more about this show at the Brooklyn Historical Society

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Exhibition: Valérie Belin at the Centre Pompidou

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Valérie Belin:  Les Images Intranquilles/Unquiet Images


Through September 14, 2015


Les Images Intranquilles/Unquiet Images is a major exhibition of 30 of the Parisian-based artist’s works; it is centered around the latest body of work, Super Models, but includes works from other series, including Michael Jackson, Black Women I, Lido, Meats and Engines.


Valérie Belin's work insists on double-take viewing.  Frames hum with visual seduction.  Some works are a sensor-splurge of color; others use image-blur to shake our foundations.  Some more potent and strange works engage the uncanny.  Our teeter on the nature of the subject is the center of our curiosity and often the root of the work’s power. 


Belin’s Super Models series solidifies earlier approaches and concerns.  Geometric shapes, planes, and colors create layering and play with figure-ground issues to the extreme.  We can easily loose one to the other.  The use of the mannequin unhinges issues of animation, life, and presence.  These figures are as believable as unbelievable- delicate hands or visages only fall apart as inhuman when we spot the arm or leg joints.  More interesting than the discovery of the line of belief is the discovery of the desire to believe.  Perception and desire are not so hard-edged.


For more information on the exhibition, please visit Le Centre Pompidou.


Belin is represented by AIPAD Member Galleries Grimaldi Gavin & Edwynn Houk.


Image information:

Ishtar, from the series Super Models, 2015

© Valerie Belin/ Courtesy Grimaldi Gavin




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Exhibition: The Pure Products of America Go Crazy at the Center for Creative Photography

Posted By Blog User, Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Exhibition Dates:  June 20 – September 13, 2015


This exhibition was curated by Joshua Chang; its title derives from a 1923 poem by William Carlos Williams.  The exhibition assumes the form of a running dialogue between photographic images—past and present—that take as their subject the accumulated byproducts of an American way of life. Featuring the work of Lucas Blalock, Owen Kydd, and John Lehr, with: Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, Jan Groover, Paul Outerbridge, Jr., Charles Sheeler, Aaron Siskind, Frederick Sommer, Ralph Steiner, Brett Weston, Edward Weston.


Learn more about the exhibition at the CCP, Center for Creative Photography

Tags:  CCP  Center for Creative Photography  Joshua Chang 

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MoMA Employees Protest Cutbacks

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Proposed healthcare cuts to employee benefits sparked protest outside MoMA's annual Party in the Garden.  The suggestion to push healthcare costs back onto employees has met resistance and slowed contract negotiations; "'. . .we really love this work- nobody gets a job at a museum to become a millionaire,'" said library assistant Victoria Wong in ArtForum's coverage of this story (ARTFORUM).  The protest of about 100 people centered around the Museum's entrance where trustees passed to attend the annual gala.  Museum workers argue that the job already calls for overtime and uncompensated hours, and with expansions planned and the endowment steady many workers feel this is not a time to take cuts from their quality of life.  


Read more about this story in ARTFORUM and HYPERALLERGIC.

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Let Art Lead the Way: Tandem Stories in the Smithsonian

Posted By Blog User, Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This week the Smithsonian offered two articles that should be considered in tandem as the US (and beyond) evolves structures of equity, its documentation, maintenance, and remembrance. 


Links follow to parallel readings on the state of the USA and the role of art as offered by two writers from the Smithsonian: Menachem Wecker and Adrianne Russell.  Wecker offers insight from the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture’s founding director, Lonnie Bunch, who champions Museums not only as sacred places of history but forums for the future.  Museums, says Bunch, are “educational institution that [use] history and culture not only to look back, not only to help us understand today, but to point us towards what we can become” (Wecker).  Russell’s article takes the story further, offering a Q&A with Bunch on the role of Museums and offers perspective on why museums, and also how museums: “to me the real question is how does a museum make its community, its region, its country better“  (Russell).


Full stories in the Smithsonian:


Why Museums Should Be a Safe Space to Discuss Why #BlackLivesMatter  By Menachem Wecker


The Media Needs a History Lesson When Addressing Civic Unrest, Says the Director of the African American History Museum 

By Adrianne Russell

Tags:  Adrianne Russell  Menachem Wecker  Smithsonian 

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