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Exhibition: Human Rights Human Wrongs at the Photographers' Gallery

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, March 17, 2015

 on view through April 6, 2015


HUMAN RIGHTS HUMAN WRONGS [was] Curated by Mark Sealy, [and] takes the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a historical, philosophical and curatorial starting point to focus an enquiry into photojournalistic practice and its impact on humanitarian objectives.  [The Exhibition] features more than 300 original press prints, drawn from the prestigious Black Star Collection of twentieth century photoreportage. It explores what role such images play in helping us understand the case for human rights, and further addresses the legacy of how photographs have historically functioned in raising awareness of international conflict.


Spanning a time frame from 1945 until the early 90s, the exhibition examines the major political upheavals, conflicts, wars and struggles against racism and colonization that became especially urgent following World War II. . .  [and] includes images of the Civil Rights Movement in the US, independence movements in Africa, Middle Eastern and South American uprisings, the Vietnam War and key social unrest and protests in Europe. - Photographers' Gallery Press Release



Read the full releases and preview exhibition images at the Photographers' Gallery.


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Exhibition: Regeneration at the Photographers' Gallery

Posted By Administration, Thursday, April 24, 2014

May 2 - July 6, 2014

This survey exhibition covers work made by six artists pushing the boundaries of the photographic media; all take interest in the physical properties of photography and the photographic print.  John Stezaker, Julie Cockburn, Tom Butler, Gerald Slota, Holly Roberts, and Virginia Echeverria all experiment with photography and are part of what drives the frontier of the medium.  Stezaker's work has a surreal edge and the artist is known to use collage and appropriation from existing found imagery, including from postcards, film stills, and publicity photographs.  Cockburn embellishes her work; she is known to collage as does Stezaker, but also to embroider prints with brightly colored thread to emphasize or mask the image she plays with.  The result of the labor-intensive and meticulous process she employs is a challenge of the archetype of the prints she works with.  Butler too uses appropriation and manipulation.  His works are soft and elegant but playful and elaborately engaging.  Sota sees images as having an active surface.  His aesthetic cues comes from his notebooks, which are scratched, torn, and reworked; imagery is assembled, disassembled, and reassembled.  Roberts' works are mythological invented landscapes which ask us to examine ourselves and our own humanity; she embellishes her images and makes creations that are layered and surprising.   Echeverria's images have a surreal and other-worldly or dreamlike quality.  She plays with geometry and abstraction but keeps elements grounded enough in reality for us to float into her elaborate creations. 

For more information on this exhibition, please visit The Photographer's Galelry 

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