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Koslov Larsen - Houston, TX - Member - The Association of International Photography Art Dealers encourages public support of fine art photography by acting as a collective voice for the dealers in fine art photography and through communication and education that enhances the confidence of the public, museums, institutions and others in responsible fine art photography dealers.

Margeaux Walter
The Blue Collection, 2022
Archival pigment print

Koslov Larsen
Houston, TX

Koslov Larsen (formerly Foto Relevance) specializes in contemporary fine art photography and photography-based work. The gallery is dedicated to providing a platform for an innovative selection of United States-based and international artists pushing the boundaries of photography.

4411 Montrose Blvd Suite C
Houston, TX 77006

Geoffrey Koslov, Co-Owner
Bryn Larsen, Co-Owner
Zan Zeller, Assistant Director
Alana Campbell, Gallery Assistant

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm

Alia Ali, Deborah Bay, Brenda Biondo, Delphine Blast, Laura Bonnefous, Pelle Cass, Elizabeth Chiles, Torrie Groening, Robert Langham, Amanda Marchand, Libbie Masterson, Karen Navarro, Nancy Newberry, Xuan-Hui Ng, Daisy Patton, Lou Peralta, David Reinfeld, Claire Rosen, Blandine Soulage, Barbara Strigel, Jane Szabo, JP Terlizzi, Kelda Van Patten, Margeaux Walter